Ministry calls on citizens to contribute to re-greening move

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Addis Ababa, 3 September 2014 (WIC) - The Ministry of Science and Technology said everyone needs to be determined to contribute to the ongoing re-greening effort so as to ensure sustainable development as workers of the Ministry transplant tree seedlings at Dilber yesterday.

Minister Demitu Hambisa said: “We need to participate actively in the move to make a difference in the country's green revolution endeavors. We should not be only engaged in transplanting the seedlings but also take care of it.”

“Everyone is expected to take part concisely in the efforts being made in this regard. The Ministry will thus do its level best in creating opportunities for its employees so that they contribute own share," she said.

The Minister called citizens to strengthen the ongoing activities in supporting green revolution thereby ensuring environmental friendly development.

State Minister Mahimuda Ahmed for his part said: “The nation is at work in realizing its development objectives through involving every citizen, ensuring equitable wealth distribution and democratization. It is also working towards building green economy which other nations could take as model."

It is evidenced that forest and wetland coverage in various parts of the country is going up. Thus, Ministry would up hold the effort in advancing the utilization of nature friendly practices in collaboration with universities to contain desertification through transplanting seedlings in highlands and denuded parts of the country.

The seedlings were transplanted in Gulalle Sub–city participating more than 150 employees of the Ministry. The programme is part of the annual plan of the Ministry and commemoration of the late Prime Minister Meles Zenwi. (EH)