Ethio-India relation broadening: Ambassador

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Addis Ababa, 3 September 2014 (WIC) –Ethiopian Ambassador to India, Dr Genet Zewdie, said the bilateral relation between Ethiopian and India is growing rapidly after the downfall of the Derg regime.

Though India and Ethiopia established diplomatic relations in 1948, it had reached at its lowest level during the military regime, she told WIC recently.

However, following the defeat of the tyrannical regime, their relation is broadening in the areas of politics, economy, education, investment, finance and trade, she said.

According her, both countries have been enjoying a strong cooperation in various global and regional issues, which among others include abating climate change and fighting against terrorism. Ethiopia has drawn valuable lesson from India on federalism.

Regarding investment, India’s investment in Ethiopia has now reached over five billion US dollars. Some 630 Indian projects have secured Investment licenses in Ethiopia in different sectors. They are in the pre-implementation, implementation and production stages. she said.

Manufacturing, agriculture, agro-processing, pharmaceutical, mining, construction, textile, leather, meat processing and education are among the investment areas in which the Indian investors are engaged in, she noted.

The trade volume between the two countries has also increased to one billion US dollars from 300 million US dollars four years ago, she said.

She further said India is providing various support to Ethiopia’s development projects citing 640 million US dollars it extended for the renovation of old sugar factories six years ago as a case in point.

India also agreed to provide loan for the construction of the railway project from Asaita (Ethiopia) to Tadjourah (Djibouti), which is expected to play a big role in attracting investment to Ethiopia, she said.

India is assisting Ethiopia’s education sector by providing scholarship to Ethiopian students and deploying teachers in various higher learning institutions of Ethiopia, she added.

Currently, over 400 Ethiopians are pursuing their masters and PhD programs in India and over 500 Indian professors are teaching in the 32 Ethiopian universities, she said.