‘Knowledge on policies, strategies vital to discharge responsibility,’ say students

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Addis Ababa, 30 August 2014 (WIC) – Students of higher learning institutions said the training being given to them on government policies and strategies is essential to attain Ethiopia’s development goal.

Over 150,000 students of higher learning institutions are receiving training on policies and strategies of the government in various institutions across the country.

The training is underway here in Addis Ababa at various institutions, including at Tegbareid TVET College. About 700 students are attending the training at the college.

Some students who are attending the training at the college told WIC reporter that the training is raising their knowledge on policies of strategies of the government.

According to them, good understanding on policies and strategies would help them discharge their responsibilities.

Etsegenet Mesfin, first year Electrical Engineering student at the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University said that the training allowed her here to know about the development plan and its implementation method.

Berhanu Demisse, 3rd year Civil Engineering student at Gondar University on his part stated that the active participation of graduates and the entire society is crucial for the attainment of the development plan of the country.

A fourth year Chemistry student at Debre Markos University, Alemayehu Tadesse, on his part said the training is timely and important to raise awareness of university students on policies and strategies of the government.

Amarech Emuye, a third-year Construction Engineering student at Adama University said the training would help students to know their rights and responsibilities in their careers.

Negatu Dansa, coordinator of the training at Tegbareid TVET College said in addition to raising their awareness, the training would help the students to take active part in the development activities of the country, he said.