Ministry launches training for students

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Addis Ababa, 28 August 2014 (WIC) - Useful inputs that benefit government institutions in their future plans are being garnered from students attending the training prepared for institutions of higher learning, according to Ministry of Education.

Over 150,000 students are currently receiving training in various institutions across the country.

Education Minister Shiferaw Shigutie said that the students are attending 15-day training in good governance, democracy building and development works.

The plan of the ministry is to train more than 300,000 students of government institutions of higher learning in two phases, Shiferaw added.

The series of training are being given at the neighborhoods of the students where they have been vacationing.

According to Shiferaw, the training, beyond portraying the objective reality of the country, aims to entrust the upcoming generation with double responsibility.

Preparations are currently underway to provide similar training for private institutions of higher learning, the minister disclosed.

Some 150,000 students would next enter the second round training, it was learned. (ENA)