Public urged to fight rent-seeking in transport sector

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Addis Ababa, 26 August 2014 (WIC) - The Ministry of Transport said that it has set to improve road safety through increasing public and drivers’ awareness, ensuring competence, setting standards and applying information management system this budget year.   

The lives of 3,331 citizens were lost in road accident last year, the Ministry added.

Opening  a  national  consultative   meeting   aimed at  appraising the 2006 E.C  transport   sector   performance report  and   deliberating on this year's  plan  at the  Ministry's  conference hall yesterday, Transport  State Minister Tekle-Tsadik Reba,  said that although  the sector's  performance  has been showing improvement, much remains to be done in ensuring the country's development objective and good governance in the sector, he added.

“Rent-seeking mentality remains to be sector's challenge. Absence of good governance in the sector lagged Ministry's 2006 E.C plan performance. To this end, the Ministry is determined to fight rent-seeking mentality as the main challenge. It has also given due attention to awareness raising activities to ensure road safety," he added.

Transport Policy Research and Plan Preparation Directorate Acting Director Mesfin Silesh said the Ministry has set to work hard in ensuring competence, raising awareness, licensing and setting course standards for training institutions.

Improving   freight  transport service,  information system, vehicles and drivers'  competence standards,    strengthening sector  stakeholders  coordination, carrying out   continuous  follow ups,  will  be  among the key  activities this fiscal  year, he said.   

Lack of capacity and absence of coordination  in  enforcing regulations in the sector as well as absence of ensuring drivers and vehicles competence and   standards are among the  key challenges in road safety, he added. (EH)