Achievements boost Ethiopia’s trustworthiness at UN: Ambassador

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Addis Ababa, 20 August 2014 (WIC) - The political and economic achievements of Ethiopia are boosting the country's trustworthiness at the United Nations, Ethiopia's Permanent Representative to the UN Dr. Tekeda Alemu said.

The Permanent Representative told ENA that many international organizations are acknowledging Ethiopia for its successes in alleviating poverty.

The achievements made in economic, social and political areas enabled Ethiopia to be considered as a model for developing countries in various forums.

The international media, once engaged in reporting the famine and poverty in Ethiopia have started to report the economic and social developments in the country, he said.

Dr. Tekeda stated that the consecutive economic development also boosts its diplomatic capability this in return increases the international community's recognition to the country.

The huge projects the country is carrying out to alleviate poverty coupled with the rapid economic growth raises amount of development assistance flow to Ethiopia, he stated.

The Ambassador indicated that most of the UN reports issued about Ethiopia recognize the country’s good performances in various areas. Ethiopia is one of the countries that UN recognizes in their efforts and success in ensuring peace and stability.

Ethiopia has been playing significant role in enhancing trade integration and in ensuring lasting peace in Eastern Africa, he said adding, this makes Ethiopia preferable in the eyes of the UN in peacekeeping missions.

Up on going fully operational, the mega projects would create strong commercial, power and infrastructure ties in the East African region, he said.

Ambassador Tekeda also said Ethiopia is one of the countries that the UN has big faith in achieving the MDGs by the year 2015. (ENA)