New Russian Federation ambassador to Ethiopia appointed

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Addis Ababa, 14 August 2014 (WIC) - State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Berhane Gebre-Kirstos received the copy of the credentials of the newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Ethiopia, Ambassador Tkachenko Vsevolod Igorevich on Tuesday.

The State Minister welcomed the Ambassador, noting the Ethio-Russia Joint Commission on Economic, Scientific, Technical and Trade Co-operation was working actively to boost economic and business ties between two countries.

He noted that a number of Russia’s state and private companies were investing in Ethiopia in areas of mining, geological survey, energy and infrastructure. He added that Russia had been providing scholarships to Ethiopian students for further degrees in railway engineering and other fields.

This, he said, strengthened the people-to-people relationship between Russia and Ethiopia. The State Minister underlined Ethiopia’s current socio-economic and political developments and its role in fighting against international terrorism, drug trafficking and piracy.

He said Ethiopia had been working hard to bring regional integration through economic links with neighboring countries, and stressed Ethiopia’s role to working for peace and stability in the region, facilitating the IGAD-led South Sudan peace talks and supporting Somalia in fighting against Al-Shabaab. Ambassador Igorevich, who appreciated Ethiopia’s current socio-economic and political growth, noted its long history and its fight against colonialism and other global dangers.

This, he said, had encouraged a positive attitude towards Ethiopia in Russia.  He said Ethiopia’s current economic growth would pave the way for Russian companies to invest in Ethiopia.  The Ambassador said he would work to expand multi-dimensional socio-economic and political relations between Ethiopia and Russia to a higher level. Ambassador Berhane assured the Ambassador of the Russian Federation that the Ethiopian government would provide full support  and wished him a fruitful stay in Ethiopia. (MoFA)