Ethiopia Calls for Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa

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Addis Ababa, 6 August 2014 (WIC) - Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn calls on African leaders to launch climate smart agricultural initiatives to combat effects of climate change that affect agricultural productivity.

The Premier spoke on a panel discussion held in Washington D.C as part of the US Africa leaders' summit, representing Africa for the country's success.

The discussion focused building resilience to climate change and its effects on food security and how United States and Africa could cooperate for the cause.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn reiterated that this is the time for Africa to formulate what is called 'climate smart' agricultural initiatives which focus on averting climate shocks.

He indicated that because of the adverse effects of climate change on agriculture, the contribution of the sector for the GDP of every nation declined by 4 percent recently.

According to Hailemariam this also needs immediate coordinated response of the governments.

The premier attended the panel on behalf of the continent as Ethiopia has been recognized as one of the successful African countries in fighting climate change andincreasing agricultural productivity.

US secretary of State John Kerry who opened the panel said the Malabo agreement and climate smart agriculture programs can be implemented through partnership among governments, civil society, and business community.

He also said US is committed to launch programs to ensure food security in Africa and combat ill effects of climate change.

African leaders have long been implementing various programs to improve agricultural productivity which is the backbone of their economy.

The launch of Comprehensive Africa Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) is one among the programs formulated for the same reason 10 years back.

African leaders, during their ordinary session in Equatorial Guinea last December, agreed in Malabo declaration for the activities to continue for the following decade to increase productivity.

It is stated that Ethiopia has shown better strides towards implementation of the plan, increasing Agricultural Productivity as well as combat climate change that affects agricultural productivity one way or the other. (ERTA)