Youth Playing Significant Role in Dev’t of Ethiopia: NPC

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Addis Ababa, 1 August 2014 (WIC) ¬- The close to thirty percent youth of the total population of Ethiopia play substantial role in the development of the country, the National Planning Commission of Ethiopia (NPC) said.

Speaking at the 21st anniversary of the official launching of the National Population Policy and the commemoration of World Population Day, Acting Director of Population and Development Directorate of the National Planning Commission of Ethiopia, Fikre Gesso, said the 29.5 percent of the total population, which is 24.7 million, are young people between 15 and 29 years old and play a significant role in the country’s socio-economic and political development.

According to him, the increasing number of youth does not affect the country as they are additional resource. Ethiopia is following a policy of engaging the youth to work place, which is enabling to the growth of local investment and increasing saving culture, Fikre noted.

The government of Ethiopia introduced a youth policy in 2004 with the objective of encouraging the active participation of the youth in building a democratic system and good governance as well as the economic, social and cultural activities in an organized manner, to enable them to benefit fairly and equitably from socio-economic development outcomes, the acting director elaborated.

Deputy Commissioner of National Planning Commission with the rank of State Minister, Getachew Adem, on his part said the country is going through a demographic transition with fewer younger dependents, fewer older dependents and the largest segment of population of productive working age.

The young age dependency ratio of the country has declined dramatically from 88.4 in 1994 to 75 in 2012, leading to the demographic dividend, he said.

According to ENA, the 2014 World Population Day was observed on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 here in Addis Ababa under the motto “invest in young people”.