Upstream States to incorporate CFA into laws

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Addis Ababa, 19 July 2014 (WIC) - Ambassadors of Nile upstream states said their countries will incorporate the Cooperative Framework Agreement (CFA) into their respective laws.

Ambassadors of Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda residing in Ethiopia disclosed that they will ratify the agreement as their domestic law since it has an indispensible role in bringing the overall development of their respective nations.

Uganda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mull Sebujja Katende, stated that the CFA signed in Entebbe before five years is a historic agreement that irreversibly corrects the age-long unjust utilization of the Nile River.

According to the ambassador, the legislative organ will incorporate CFA as part of Uganda’s law since the framework is a key tool to ensuring the country's socio-economic benefits.

Katende said the agreement, in addition to enabling all the Nile riparian countries to utilize the river fairly and equally, will permit to undertake conservation activities around the river.

Burundi’s ambassador to Ethiopia, Alain Aime Nyamitwe, recalled that his country signed the CFA two years ago and the agreement would bring economic and social benefits to Burundi.

Rwanda’s Ambassador to Ethiopia, Professor Nsengimana Joseph, said his country is the second upper riparian country to sign CFA after Ethiopia and pointed out that the agreement will have huge importance to improving the livelihood of the inhabitants of the riparian countries.

The ambassador, who noted Ethiopia to become the leading country in implementing the agreement, said the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will in particular be the major source of electricity to neighboring countries.

Professor Joseph underscored that those who oppose the agreement and the construction of the GERD are only the countries that have been utilizing the Nile River alone. He added that the other riparian countries will also undertake different constructions on the River. (ENA)