MoCS set to announce details of salary adjustment within two weeks

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Addis Ababa, 17 July 2014 (WIC) - The Ministry of Civil Service (MoCS) announced that it will make an official statement about salary adjustment for civil servants within the coming two weeks.

The recently circulated report regarding the extent of the increment is baseless and came from unknown sources, the Ministry said.

Civil Service State Minister, Dr. Misrak Mekonen, affirmed that her office is still working on the details of the adjustment, and that it will be made public within two weeks.

Furthermore, the false information that was surfaced recently on some private news outlets is completely unsubstantiated and would not be recognized by the government, according to the minister.

Payments starting from the current month (July) will be installed as soon as the necessary works are completed, she added.

Dr. Misrak further noted that the government is currently engaged in initiatives to solve housing and transportation problems of civil servants.

She said government has made basic consumer supplies available at the Ale-Bejimla stores as well, to promote equitable prices for consumers.

The State Minister called upon the public to build a united stance with the government against outlaws. (ENA)