Ethiopia, Somalia sign accord for provision of scholarships

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Addis Ababa, 17 July 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Ministry of Education and its Somali counterpart here today signed agreement to provide scholarship for Somali students in Ethiopia.   

The agreement will help to provide scholarship and technical support starting from the coming academic year.   

The Minister Shiferaw Shigute on the occasion said the cooperation between the two countries in education is critical to help development in that country and deepen the people to people relation.   

The two countries should work together to rebuild Somalia and education is the main way to that end.   

Education plays major role in bringing peace and stability, as well as democratization and development to a country he added.      

"The agreement is meant to boost cooperation between Ethiopia and Somalia. Our country has been providing scholarship to refugees from neighbouring countries including South Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia."

The Somali Minister Isa Mohamed for his part said the Somali people will benefit from the agreement and boosts bilateral ties between the two countries.  

"This agreement is very important for both nations especially we are grateful because the Ethiopian government ministry of education is promising that they will give scholarship for our kids which we need right now. That is very significant and very important."   

Ethiopia has been supporting Somalia's efforts towards ensuring lasting peace through peacekeeping missions, he said. It is Somalia's desire to extend this cooperation into other areas.    (ENA)