Eritrean refugees graduate from AAU with first, second degrees

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Addis Ababa, 14 July 2014 (WIC) - Some 70 Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia graduated from Addis Ababa University with first and second degrees in various disciplines
Some 5 of the refugees graduated with second degree, it was noted at a luncheon ceremony organized at 2000 Habesha restaurant to congratulate the graduates.

Deputy Head of Administration for Refugee and Returnee Affairs (ARRA), Ayalew Awoke on the occasion said the opportunity given by Ethiopia to refugees to train in university will further cement it’s relation with neighboring countries.

According to Ayalew, some 3,000 Eritreans flee their country every month to Ethiopian in fear of repression.

Bornwell Kantande, Representative of UNHCR in Ethiopia, on his part said the graduation ceremony in the result of Ethiopia’s appropriate policy towards refugees.

Appreciating the government of Ethiopia for the opportunity it gave for them, the graduates called on both Eritrean and Ethiopian youth to work for the unity of people of both countries.

About 251 Eritrean refugees graduated from various universities in Ethiopia this academic year alone.

Currently, Ethiopia sheltered 585,000 refugees in 22 camps, it was learnt.

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