Nile International Conference Center inaugurated

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Addis Ababa, 14 July 2014 (WIC) - A new conference center named Nile International Conference Center was inaugurated in Bahirdar yesterday (July 14, 2014) in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonen, Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom, Ambassadors of the Nile Riparian states and other high level dignitaries.

The Center which was constructed with a cost of more than half billion birr has one main hall and 10 syndicate boardrooms. The 10 syndicate rooms are named after the 10 basin states.

The center which rests on 110,000 square meters comprises also an amphitheatre, photo gallery, café and restaurant among other things. On the occasion Demeke Mekonen noted that Ethiopia’s federal governance is playing great role in speeding up the development of the regional states.

He went on to add that apart from its natural attractions, the fact that Bahirdar has now conference center, a stadium and its advances in acquiring modern technologies should be taken as a symbol of the national development.

He also noted that the designation of the syndicate rooms after the 10 Nile basin states will have a role in consolidating the close ties of the basin states and their aspiration to grow together.

Abate Yalew, Speaker of the Amhara Regional Council said that the 10 states are allowed to keep artworks which reflect their culture and history in the designated rooms.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom for his part underlined that the centerpiece of Ethiopia’s foreign policy is predicated on ensuring common development and peace of Ethiopia with its neighbors in a bid to guarantee the benefit of the people in general.

He said Ethiopia’s stride in development of mega projects will have a big role in integrating the region through development and eventually realize a prosperous, democratic, conflict-free continent.

The fact that syndicate rooms are named after the basin states in Bahirdar which is the source of the Nile, shows that they should play their role in realizing common development and the development of the continent in general.

Egypt’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Mohmmed Edris and Philp Karenzy, Deputy Head of Mission of Rwanda said that the designation of the syndicate rooms after the basin states symbolizes Ethiopia’s contribution to the realization of the continental integration and regional development.

It also reflects Ethiopia’s contribution to Africa’s peace and security and promotion of rapid and inclusive development. The construction of the conference center took 4 years. (MoFA)