Council working to fight against radicalism

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Addis Ababa, 12 July 2014 (WIC) - The Addis Ababa City Islamic Affairs Supreme Council said it is undertaking awareness raising campaigns to fighting against religious extremism.

Council President, Dr. Ahmed Abdurhaman, told WIC today the campaigns are underway through Islamic affairs offices setup by the new Council in all zones of the metropolis

The Council has been undertaking integrated activities to prevent extremism since it assumed office in 2013 as such thing is against Islamic religion and it hinders ongoing development and democracy.

As part of the efforts to prevent religious extremism, the Council promoted various anti-extremism messages at a peaceful demonstration staged in the metropolis condemning radicalism in September 2013, he said.

In addition to denouncing extremism, the over 1.5 million residents who took part at the demonstration pledged to fight against such problem, according to the President.

Extremism is against Islamic religion, he said, adding followers of every religion should enjoy the religious freedom enshrined in the Constitution, he underscored.

Dr. Ahmed further said the Council is working to attract more investment from countries with largest Muslim population.

Dr. Ahmed finally extended his best wishes to Muslim communities and urged them to help the less fortunate and promote religious coexistence during the month of Ramadan.