Amhara plans to reap 166 mln qtls agricultural produce in Meher

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Addis Ababa, 4 July 2014 (WIC) – The Amhara Regional State agriculture bureau planned to reap 166 million quintals of agricultural output in the upcoming Meher season.
Representatives of public relations process leader at the bureau, Getnet Tarik, told WIC the stated volume of yield will be garnered from 4.5 million hectares of land.

More than one million hectares out of the total land has so far been covered with seeds, according to the representative.
Out of the 3.3 million quintals of fertilize which the bureau readied for use, over 2 million quintals have so far been disbursed to beneficiaries, Getnet added.

Some 194,000 quintals of select seed are also prepared for the season, of which 72, 695 quintals have already reached in the hands of farmers, he added.
Some 7,626 quintals of lime that enables to treat acidic soil were also distributed for farmers, he said.