“Knowing the Diaspora” project launched

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Addis Ababa, 1 July 2014 (WIC) - Ministry of Foreign Affairs in association with International Organization for Migration (IOM) launched (June 30) a project aiming to provide on ways to mobilize the Ethiopian Diaspora for national renewal, modernization and Ethiopia’s Renaissance.
Under the theme of “Knowing the Diaspora,” over 20 Ethiopian Diplomats and Ambassadors are taking part on the training with the view to further accelerate efforts to tap the wealth of knowledge, resources, and expertise within the Ethiopian Diaspora communities in different parts of the world.
Most of the participants are from countries with great number of Ethiopian Diasporas.
The training is expected to help participants develop a system with full information about members of the Diaspora, protect the rights of the Diaspora communities and engage them in Ethiopia’s march towards the attainment of climate resilient green economy. 
Josiah Ogina, Country Director of IOM, reaffirmed that IOM was committed to work with the Government of Ethiopia to counter the course of brain-drain.
The Government of Ethiopia has attached paramount importance to Ethiopian Diaspora communities to contribute their share in the fight against poverty and is taking various measures to expedite the close engagement of the Diaspora in the overall development projects of the nation.