Authority to construct road to interconnect Omo-Kuraz sugar project

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Addis Ababa, 27 June 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Roads Authority on Wednesday signed contract agreement amounting to 2.5 billion Birr with the Chinese

Communications Construction Company (CCCC) for construction of 102 km road on Omo River.

The road project aimed at linking the six sugar factories under the Omo-Kuraz project with each other and main roads, Authority Director General Zaid Woldegebriel said.

The construction of the road to be finalized in three years will be carried out in two phases. The first phase that covers 41.7km will run from the Omo no-6 junction to no-4.

Construction of a 200m bridge over the Omo River will be undertaken in this phase of the project expected to consume 108 billion birr.

Up on completion within three years, the road will link people living in both sides of the river and the sugar factories with each other, Zaid said.

The second phase of the project that covers 60.6 will be carried out with an outlay of over 1.4 billion Birr. Construction of 157 small bridges will be carried out in this phase of the project, according to Zaid.

According to ENA, this road will interconnect the Omo no-4 and no-6 sugar factories with Hana- Jinka and Sawla Maji main roads.