Tigray to cultivate over a million hct of land in Meher

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Addis Ababa, 27 June 2014 (WIC) – More than 1.3 million hectares of land would be covered with seeds in the upcoming Meher (production) season, the Tigray Regional State Agriculture and Rural Development Bureau said.

Bureau Public Relations Coordinator, Michael Miruts, told WIC today that the land would be covered with main crops such as maize, teff, sesame, rice and sorghum, among others.

He said various agricultural inputs essential for the development activities are under distribution.

Out of the 749, 823 quintals of fertilizer required for the development activities, some 362, 777 quintals have so far reached in the hands of the farmers, he said.

He said farmers are using more than 13.1 million quintals of compost and 31 million quintals of animal manure.

According to Michael, 49, 889 quintals of select seed were also prepared, of which 9,100 quintals have already been reached in farmers’ hands.

Some 12,462 kilograms of herbicides and 128, 870 liters of insecticides are being distributed to beneficiaries, he said.

The region expects to reap 47. 8 million quintals of agricultural outputs the land that would be developed during the Meher season, he said.