Arjo-Dedessa Sugar Factory nearly to complete

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Addis Ababa, 25 June 2014 (WIC) – The construction of Arjo-Dedessa Sugar Factory has reached 90 per cent, nearing to be completed.

In an exclusive interview with WIC, Acting General Manager Dr. Nigusse Yilma said that the factory, with a crushing capacity of 8000 tons of sugar cane per day, is set to start sugar production six months later.

The factory had made production tastes of about 200 quintals of sugar in the past, Dr. Nigusse said, adding that it will fully produce export standard sugar in the middle of next year.

The factory will produce refined sugar export standard, which contributes a significant role in generating foreign currency for the country, he added.

According to the manager, the plan is to prepare about 50,000 hectors of lands for commercial sugar plantation and other intercropping system of which some 24, 000 hectors of land is currently developed.

He also added that canal construction is being underway by home grown contractor Oromia Water Works Enterprises.
“Until the dam being built on the Dedessa River, we are using water from the river using pumping machines to irrigate some 3000 hectors of lands for sugar cane plantations,” Dr Niguse reiterated.

The Project has created 167 permanent,  332 temporarily and 527 contracts job opportunities so far, he said, adding when the project goes operational it will accommodate more than 18000 citizens in various tasks.
The stated Sugar Project is being located at Oromia Region State between Wollega and Elababur Zones and used the Dedesssa River.
Initially, the project was commenced by Pakistani national called Alhabesh Sugar factory PLC in 2007, the manager said, adding that  the Government of Ethiopia took over it n 2013 when it whe the PLC failed to run that huge investment.