Export products on increase

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Addis Ababa, 19 June 2014 (WIC) - The export products Ethiopia has been trading with the rest of the world are on the increase, according to the Ministry of Trade.

The types of products being sent abroad have now exceeded 30, and 2.6 billion USD was earned from the products in the past ten months, the ministry said. The revenue also surpassed the earning of same period last year by more than 120 million USD. 

Ministry Public Relations and Communications Head, Amakele Yemam, told ENA that increasing types and amount of export products alongside increasing destination markets is crucial to become globally competitive.

Currently, 15 types of the products exported are agricultural, 10 industrial, and the rest minerals and others. This is a huge achievement as the country used to export not more than three major items ten years ago, the head elaborated.

Amakele said the effort being exerted to export value added products instead of raw materials has been encouraging especially in the textiles and leather sectors.

The major importers of Ethiopian goods in the period were Somalia, China, Germany, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia. (ENA)