GIZ IS staff donates blood while observing anniversary

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Addis Ababa, 16 June  2014 (WIC) – The staff and management of  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit International Services (GIZ IS)  in Ethiopia donated blood while observing anniversary on 12th of June 2014. 
Speaking at the occasion,  Executive Director, GIZ IS Ethiopia Esayas Abebe, emphasized that  “Sustainability and social responsibility are GIZ’s corporate values.
We are very pleased to take part in such a highly notable humanitarian initiative of donating blood upon observing our 10 years anniversary in Ethiopia, he said, adding that 
“I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Blood Bank team not only for facilitating the donation but also for their dedication to humanitarian work.” Esayas Abebe stated,
According to a press release GIZ IS sent to WIC, Dr. Daniel Gebremichael, Director-General of the Blood Bank at Ministry of Health, emphasized the gap between the demand and supply of blood and commended the voluntary initiative of the GIZ IS staff to donate blood upon observing their 10 Years Anniversary.
“Volunteering is central to all our activities and we highly appreciate the donation made by the staff members of GIZ IS, as we celebrate the World Blood Donor Day, under the theme “safe blood to save mothers”, celebrated worldwide and in Ethiopia for the 11th time, the Director General added.
He further stated his hope that other organizations and companies follow the suit and help the Bank in  enhancing its life-saving services from voluntary unpaid blood donors.
Since its commencement, GIZ IS Ethiopia has managed over 10 projects, acting as an in-house agent, on behalf of diverse clients, mainly the Ethiopian Government, guided by its unique selling proposition of program management coupled with capacity development.
GIZ IS Ethiopia set its foot in the country with the bole/gerji condominium housing ‘pilot’ project which was inaugurated in July 2004. Since then, it has been working on behalf of various Ministries including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health,  the World Bank and other clients, acting as Management Agent, for the last decade.