Welkait Sugar Project improving livelihoods of residents

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Addis Ababa, 13 June 2014 (WIC) – Residents around Welkait Sugar Development Project said that they are enjoying a better life as a result of the launch of the project.
The project is located in Welkait woreda, Tigray Regional State. It is one of the 10 new sugar factories planned to be built under the Growth and Transformation Plan.
“Thanks to the launch of the project, we are leading a better life getting education, health, potable water and road facilities,” the residents told WIC. 
Aba Semere Endrias said “We are getting health services and sending our children to school thanks to the health centers and schools built at the village, which were not present in the past.”
“We were relocated for development. We are happy. We were paid compensation and now we are leading a modern life. I hope I will improve my livelihood further by developing the 1.75 hectares of land which I was granted through irrigation,” he said.
Teklehaimanot Yohannes and Ngsti Araya from Korarit town on their part said that “We are improving our livelihood and sending our children to the schools built with our reach.”
Gebrehawaria Tekea, a health professional at Korarit health center, said “mothers in the area are effectively benefiting from the centre. They are checking their health status and giving birth at the center.”
General Manager of Welkait Sugar Development Project, Amenay Mesfin, on his part said that some 7 deep and 8 shallow water wells as well as 65km road were built at Korarit town.
He said compensation was paid to 4,900 households and 7 churches. More than 1,900 households were also provided with farmland.
He said residents of the area will also get job opportunities from sugarcane cultivation to be carried out on 50,000 hectares of land for the factory. 
They can also generate income by developing sugarcane on their plots of land and supplying it to the factory, he concluded.