Wolkait sugar project well in progress

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Addis Ababa, 10 June 2014 (WIC) – Wolkait sugar development project is progressing well, general manager of the project, Amenay Mesfin said.
The factory being built by a Chinese Engineering Company in Tigray Regional State has the capacity to process 24,000 tonnes of sugarcane per day.

“The first phase construction of Wolkait sugar factory and other related works on the project are in good progress,” Amenya told WIC.
The total area of land for sugarcane cultivation is 50,000 hectares and it will be developed with water from Zarema River upon which a dam named May-Day is under construction, according to Amenay.

The dam, which is under construction by Sur Construction, a local company, is 845 meters wide and 142 meters high with water holding capacity of over 3.8 billion cubic meters.
The project manager further said that the construction of 1,056 residential units and 55 service institutions is underway at the project site and they are currently 60 per cent complete.

According to Amenay, Wolkait sugar development project has so far created jobs for 23, 619 people, including 5,484 female.
Some 2,316 households relocated in connection with the sugar development project were paid 127.7 million birr compensation, according to the project manager.

The factory will produce 484,000 tonnes of sugar and 41, 654m3 ethanol as well as creates up to 100,000 jobs once it began production with full capacity after three years.