FEACC registers assets of 80,000 officials, civil servants

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Addis Ababa, 4 June 2014 (WIC) - Some 80,000 government officials and other high ranking appointees have so far registered their assets as per the asset disclosure and registration proclamation, the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC) said.

Ethiopia endorsed the Asset Disclosure and Registration Proclamation, which obliges appointees and elected persons to disclose and register the assets under their ownership and their family, on March 30, 2010.
FEACC began implementing the proclamation by registering the asset of high-ranking government officials, including former PM Meles Zenawi, in 2011.

“Some 80,000 government officials, elected persons and civil servants have so far disclosed their personal assets, possessions, and incomes of their families,” Berhanu Assefa, Ethics Education and Communication Affairs Directorate Director at FEACC said.

The asset registration would enable to prevent corruption in advance, to accelerate the investigation of corruption and to create public trust, the director said.
According to Berhanu, the Commission is undertaking activities to implement a system by which the registered information (asset) can be accessed by the public through a computerized system.