Public urged to realize Ethiopia’s renaissance

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Addis Ababa, 28 May 2014 (WIC) – The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) has called on the public to team up efforts so as to realize the renaissance of the country.

In a statement it issued in connection with the 23rd anniversary of May 28 Victory Day, which marks the downfall of the Derg regime, the Front said  the joint efforts of the public is essential to further deepen the successes attained during the past 23 years and realize Ethiopia’s renaissance.

“We should renew our commitment to maintain the ongoing double-digit economic as well as to deepen the rights and freedoms gained after the defeat of the Derg regime, while marking the day,” it said.

The victory of May 28 is a historic day for Nations, Nationalities and People’s of Ethiopia who had suffered for so long at the hands of a ruthless and dictatorial Derg regime, it said.

The victory in 1991 and the subsequent activities carried out at all levels to move the country out of poverty and into peace and stability has led the country down the path of democracy and development, the Front noted.

During the past 23 years, remarkable results that would enable to ensure the renaissance of the country were registered in development as well as in the areas of peace and democracy, it said.

The Growth and Transformation Plan designed to keep the country moving up the development ladder is going from one chapter to the next chapter with rapid and continuous development which has benefited the people at all levels.
Ethiopia has become the fastest growing economy in the World which resulted from the successes gained in urban and rural areas following the victory of May 28, it said.

During the past 23 years, notable successes were registered in the expansion of infrastructures such as roads, electricity, education, telecommunication, health and other areas, it said.

The construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is going as per as the schedule through the active participation of the public, it said, further urging the public to scale up their support.

The Front, which appreciated the successes attained during the past 23 years, also underlined the need to intensify the fight against poverty, backwardness rent-seeking mentality.

It added that the public should struggle foreign and local forces striving to deter the all-round growth of the country by spreading false propaganda to gain cheap political profit.