Ethiopian Universities Urged to Modernise

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Addis Ababa, 28 May 2014 (WIC) - Leaders of Ethiopia's institutions of higher learning have been urged to focus on making universities modern and productive.

Speaking at the closing of the 26th Conference of the Council of Institutions of Higher Learning Tuesday, Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute said they should utilise all their resources to modernize universities and to produce sufficient qualified manpower.

As the transformation of institutions of higher learning means the transformation of the country and generation, there should be willingness and positive attitude towards this change, the minster stressed.

Shiferaw further called on the leaders to put their indelible impressions on Ethiopia's renaissance by supporting the all-round effort being exerted to change the institutions and quality of education.

The Director-General of Higher Education Administrative Affairs at the Ministry of Education, Dr. Samuel Kifle, urged the institutions to make the necessary preparations to enroll 150,000 students expected to join the universities and colleges in the next academic year.

According to ENA, consolidating fair education coverage and teacher development are the areas of focus the institutions should strive to achieve in the next academic year, he added.

The 26th Conference of the Council of Institutions of Higher Learning began last Saturday at Arbaminch University, about 500 kilometres south of here.