Ambassadors laud Ethiopia’s role in enhancing economic integration

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Addis Ababa, 26 May 2014 (WIC) - Ambassadors of five African countries stated that Ethiopia has been undertaking successful work in creating strong economic cooperation among East African countries.
Rwandan, Kenyan, Libyan, Zambian and Nigerian Ambassadors to Ethiopia said Ethiopia’s efforts being exerted in enhancing economic integration in the region are exemplary.   

Construction of infrastructures, such as roads, railways and cross-border trade corridors, as well as power transmission lines are among the activities the Ambassadors mention the country is working at to enhance integration.   

Rwandan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Professor Nsengimana Joseph said Ethiopia is carrying out extensive infrastructural development activities and investing huge amount of money on these activities, unlike other countries in the region.   

Rwanda and Ethiopia are working hard for the timely completion of the railway line which link Addis Ababa with Kigali by 2020.   

In spite of sharing longer border lines and opportunities to work together, Ethiopia and Kenya have started economic cooperation recently, said Kenyan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Christopher Chika.   

Currently, the two countries are working on the completion and operationalization of the Ethio-Moyale asphalt road and the 400kv Ethio-Kenya power transmission line.   

Ethiopia's efforts being exerted to develop the small level of intra-trade ties among African countries should be encouraged, said Libyan Ambassador to Ethiopia, Mahfud Rajab Rahian.   

Zambia Ambassador to Ethiopia, Susan Sikaneta on her part said Ethiopia is contributing share to the economic integration among African countries through its airline, the Ethiopian Airlines.   

The airline is boosting intra-trade relation between African countries and people to people relation by expanding its destinations.   

Ethiopia, which is building the eighth largest economy in Africa has potential for agricultural development and industries, she added.   

Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Paul Lolo on his part said Ethiopia has wage war on poverty and is improving the living standard of its citizens by planning and undertaking huge projects.   

The country is also working to create effective trading system and enhance economic integration with the neighbouring countries.   

The projects the country is undertaking with huge amount of money on developments of road and railway networks, and installation of power transmission lines enables Ethiopia supply power to neighbouring countries will make Ethiopia the super power of Africa after few years, he remarked.   

With a huge potential for renewable energy, Ethiopia is currently supplying 32 mw and 100 mw power to Djibouti and Sudan respectively.   

The 400kv Ethio-Kenya electric transmission line and the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway line are among the huge projects Ethiopia is undertaking to enhance trade relation with neighboring countries.      

Up on completion after two years, the 400kv Ethio-Kenya electric transmission line will enable Kenya get 400 mw power from Ethiopia.   

The three billion USD Addis Ababa -Djibouti railway project is expected to boost trade between the two countries.   

Ethiopia is conducting feasibility studies over the possibility of supplying power to Tanzania and Yemen, according to the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy. (ENA)