Mekelle gets new treatment, research center

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Addis Ababa, 14 May 2014 (WIC) - The new Center of Treatment and Research built with the financial support of the Italian Development Cooperation in Adin Shun Dhum, Mekelle town, has been inaugurated last Saturday.

Ambassador of the Republic of Italy, Giuseppe Mistretta, Director of the Italian Development Cooperation Office in Etiopia, Djibouti and South Sudan, Fabio Melloni, Deputy Head Tigray Regional Health Bureau, Atakelty Abraha and Director of CCM, attended the inauguration ceremony held in the conference center room of the newly built center.

Italian Ambassador Giuseppe Mistretta took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of this center that will serve “to prevent complications on the health of mothers and children caused by a lack of assistance during pregnancy.”

The director of the Italian Ngo CCM, Filippo Spagnuolo, said the satisfaction of “contributing to one of the fundamental pillars of the health system strategy to strengthen the Ministry of Health in Etiopia,-specifically for the Tigray Region, including the development of competent human resources available to provide quality services to the community.”

Deputy Head Tigray Regional Health Bureau, Atakelty Abraha, thanked the italian government, the Italian Bishops Conference who also provided a financial support, and the CCM for the generous gift and kind support in one sector of their priority.

Over the past two years, while the construction work was going on, many other activities have taken place around the new Center, he pointed out.
Some 7 rounds of training courses were organized, providing specific training for 182 health care workers from across the region of Tigray to improve the skills and adequately assist pregnant women and infants, he said.

And thanks to the improved quality of service, the number of customers is nearly doubled since 2011, particularly with regard to preventive care (vaccinations, care for mothers during pregnancy and post-partum), he added.

The Centre for Research and treatment of Makelle is a splendid building including classrooms for training/research, a conference hall, bedrooms for professors, a small computers center connected on internet.

The government has dedicated approximately 10 million birr in order to achieve this center, whose goal are immediately to reach about 300 health workers trained by 2015.

The Center of Adin Shun Dhum is a project of great importance to the CCM who is implementing the project “Smiles of African Mothers Campaign ", in collaboration with the regional offices, with the goal of supporting over 23,000 pregnant women and 40,000 children in throughout the country.

Important results have been achieved with the activities of the Centre for Adi Shum Dhun service and health projects in Bale and in Somali region just finished.