May 28 Victory Day an occasion to deepen success achieved in the past: GCAO

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Addis Ababa, 9 May 2014 (WIC) – The 23rd anniversary of the May 28 Victory Day is an occasion that we pledge to attain the ongoing journey for renaissance, Government Communication Affairs Office said.
May 28 (Ginbot 20), a day that heralded the final demise of the dictatorial Derge regime in 1991, will be celebrated for the 23rd times across the nation.

In a press conference he gave to journalists here today, Government Communication Affairs Office Minister, Redwan Hussien said that we need to sustain and deepen the remarkable success that we have achieved in the past while marking the day.

He said fundamental changes have been registered in the areas of democracy, development and various socio-economic sectors during the past two decades.

Redwan said May 28 Victory Day is the foundation for Ethiopia’s shift from poverty to prosperity.

Ethiopia’s image is changed for better and it is attracting the attention of many international companies, he said.

The people of Ethiopia have been benefiting from the economic growth registered during that past 23 years as well as from democracy and good governance gains, he added.

Redwan finally called upon the public to fight against rent-seeking mentality, corruption and backwardness while marking the day, which is the fruit of the lives of gallant compatriots.

The day will be marked with various assortments including panel discussions and exhibition, which shows the past achievements.