The Nile is the life of Ethiopians as it is Egyptians’: PM Mahlab

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Cairo, 7 May 2014 (WIC) - Egyptian Interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said that the River Nile is an everlasting life of both Ethiopians and Egyptians.

In briefing Journalists of the Nile Basin Countries at his office on Monday, the premier emphasized that the Nile is not only a perpetual life but also an eternal link between the people of Ethiopia and Egypt.

We are more than brothers that no one from Egypt wants to harm Ethiopians and no one from Ethiopia intends to harm Egyptians, the Premier underscored.

Ethiopia needs to generate power and Egypt wants to get water that we need to create a balance in handling this issue in a safe way, PM Mahlab added.

The Premier also stressed that in order to alleviate the clouds  between the two countries,  he has planned to pay a visit to Ethiopia.

Recalling that Egypt was far from Africa for the past 40 years, the Prime Minister expressed its determination to return to its continent with a win-win sentiment.

Egypt is keen to strengthen its relations with all African countries, PM Mahlab said, adding that we are proud of being African and make our direction towards it.