Amhara creates close to 300,000 jobs in 9 months

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Addis Ababa, 28 April 2014 (WIC) – Close to 300,000 jobs were created in Amhara Regional State during past nine months, according to the State Technique, Vocational and Enterprise Development Bureau.

Bureau Public Relations Head, Zelalem Niguse, told WIC that the jobs were created to unemployed people residing in all 10 zones and 38 urban administrations of the state.
The bureau has managed to attain 72 per cent of its annual plan and 95 per cent of its 9 month plan, according to Zelalem.

According to him, the jobs were created in the small and micro enterprises sector mainly in the manufacturing, construction, urban farming, service and trade areas, among others.

Coordinated efforts of leaderships, professionals and the community have played a key role for the success attained towards creating job opportunities, according to Zelalem.

In order to engage the youth in modern industry sector, some 57, 217 youth (25, 582 male and 31,635 female) are being trained in 79 colleges located in the regional state, he said.

Zelalem finally said utmost efforts would be made to attain the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) by give due attention to the industry extension and manufacturing sectors, among others.