Ethiopian-Somali community in California celebrates KALI night

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Addis Ababa, 23 April 2014 (WIC) - The Deputy Consul general Mebrat Beyene of the Consulate General of Ethiopia in Los Angeles and Habib Yusuf 1st secretary at the consulate office met with more than 200 members of the Ethiopian-Somali Diaspora in San Diego, California, to celebrate Kali night and highlighting the on-going political and economic transformation that is taking place in the country and in the Region.

The event which was organized by Ethiopian-Somali Community of California had put together an outreach and educational event named after KALI.
Kali is the village where the Ethiopian-Somalis were asked by the British colony whether they want to remain with the British colony or become part of Greater Ethiopia.
The wise Ethiopian-Somali elders chose to join the Greater Ethiopia rather than remaining with the British colony saying “Give your cane to someone you can get it back”.
The event was opened by the Ethiopian-Somali community of California chairman Eng. Abdulaahi Aidid, saying tonight we are here to celebrate the revival of the Kali legacy, which marked the beginning of the concept of voluntary peaceful co-existence, guaranteeing equal rights under the law which becomes the legacy of the late prime minister, Meles Zenawi.
Then Mebrat beyene, the deputy consul general briefing on details about the new Diaspora policy, the privilege and responsibilities that gives the yellow card to the Diaspora, the benefit of opening diasporas account, the status of Hidase dam project.

She also highlighted the other mega projects that are going on back at home like the light rail roads and other major infrastructural developments.

She also urged the Diaspora of the region to actively participate in the Growth and transformational Plan (GTP) and contribute to the growth and development of the region and the nation as a whole, she also invited the community to invest their country, as well as promote and facilitate investment from California, and the rest of USA.
Habib on his part stressed the development endeavors going on in Somali region, particularly primary education extension, the opening of several high schools and vocational training centers as well as the establishment of Jigjiga University in the region.

He outlined the steps taken to improve access to health services through the establishment of several clinics, health stations and hospitals, and stressed the pivotal role of the Jigjiga referral hospital plays in improving the quality of health services.

In his address the Habib underscored the importance of Nation and Nationalities Day, which the region had the privilege and honor to host for the first time on 8th of December 2013.
This important political event, he said, has given the people and Government of the region the opportunity to host their brothers and sisters from the rest of Ethiopia and show the achievements made so far after successfully dislodging anti-peace elements operating in the region.

Sirad the representative from Somali women made her remark from the prospective of women said what we have today is founded by our visionary leader, the late Prime minister Meles Zenawi, who realized his dream by creating a country that empresses diverse nation based on independent ethnic self rule regions under one federal flag and a constitution guaranteeing everybody equal rights.

Member of the great Hidase Dam council were present at the event, and the chairman Tibabe Solomon and Eng. Getachew both made inspiring remarks stating that success would have not been possible without the full participation of all Ethiopian nations and nationalities.
This colorful event was concluded with the Ethiopian nations and nationalities cultural dances. (aigaforum)