Ethiopian CEO honors employees’ fidelity to the extraordinary success of the Airlines

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Addis Ababa, 18 April 204 (WIC) – The dedication and high commitment of the employees who identified themselves with the Airlines’ Vision resulted in an extraordinary and remarkable achievement, CEO Tewolde Gebremariam.

In an exclusive interview with WIC, the CEO indicated that Ethiopian has managed to double its size today than it was used to be three years back, which is attributable to the devotion of the employees, the corporate governance and the management. 

According to Tewolde, the total revenue of Ethiopian Airlines raised from 16.4 billion in 2010 to 38 billion ETB in 2013, which is more than double.

“The number of Airplanes also raised from 41 to 65 enabled Ethiopian to raise its number of passengers from 3.1 million to 5.6 million per annum,” Tewolde added.

Despite the doubt some people had four years ago, at the launching of “Vision 2025”,  arguing it was too ambitious to achieve, Ethiopian’s past three years’ performance witnessed its attainability,” the CEO said, adding that “the objectives set for every year have already been achieved in the past three consecutive years”.

He also pin pointed that the Ethiopian cargo has become so competitive and African leading cargo  in providing safe, market driven and customer focused services.

Currently, Ethiopian has more than 80 international destinations across 5 continents with over 200 daily flights, the CEO added.
Tewolde also praised the contribution of the corporate governance and the management for the success of Ethiopian in addition to the devotion and commitment of all employees.

The corporate governance enabled the Airlines to be autonomous to manage the operating environment flexibly, dynamically and responding to the mercurial environment quickly, he said, adding the government remained disciplined and allowed the management to manage the operation professionally.

According to the CEO, the management’s prudence, sensitivity, ability and agility in cost minimizing, managing customer services and responding quickly to environmental changes respectively are keys to the success.

The CEO also indicated that Ethiopian, like other Airlines across the globe, has been facing many daunting Aviation Challenges.

“The lack of traffic right, lack of common continental aviation policy in Africa and very high taxation are some among other challenges of the Aviation Industry in Africa,” Tewolde emphasized.

“The traffic profile of Ethiopian is 65 per cent transit and 35 per cent coming or going out of Ethiopia in which Ethiopian has to compete with African, Gulf, and European Airlines in Africa-China, Africa-Europe markets for instance,” he indicated.

“Due to lack of common Aviation Policy in Africa, 80 per cent of the market share between Africa and the rest of the world is carried by the non-African carriers, which inflicts the profitability of African Airlines,” he emphasized.

“Despite the availability of more than 20 oil producing and exporting countries, Airlines have been obliged to pay double price to world updated prices of jet fuel due to lack of refinery, taxation and transport that challenges the industry,” according to Tewolde.