Six Countries request power purchase from Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa, 12 April 2014 (WIC) - six Countries have Requested to Buy Power from Ethiopia Besides selling Electric power to Sudan and Djibouti, FBC writes that Kenya, Yemen, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda have requested to buy power from Ethiopia.

It is known that when the construction of the Renaissance dam, the Gibe III and the Genale Dawa hydroelectric power plants and the Adama II wind farm is completed the country will have 10 000 MW of Electric power.

Ato Feke Ahmed of the Water, Irrigation and Energy ministry told FBC that though Ethiopia is getting foreign currency from the electric power sell, the country’s main focus is to secure its energy demand. He added that the country will sell power only when it is in excess.

Zemedkun Nigatu of Ernest and Young in his part said that Ethiopia has become the only African country building its economy from Electric power sell which is an acceptable move. Ato Feke Ahmed said that in the future the country will continue to build other dams that can help generate income by power sell.

The other advantage of the power sell being the socioeconomic cooperation platform that it creates between the countries. Ethiopia has got 65 million dollars from the power sell of between 40 to 50 MW of power to Djibouti starting from May 2011. (