Workshop discusses school girls' right protection

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Addis Ababa, 10 April 2014 (WIC) - A National Consultative Workshop on the Protection of Rights of School Girls and Teenagers was held here yesterday.
House of Peoples' Representatives Speaker Abadula Gemeda said that religious leaders have pivotal role in the effort to shaping the future young generations and protecting the rights of school girls and teenagers as well.
According to Abadula, such workshops would bear fruit if and only if all stakeholders actively participate in the national effort in this regard.
UN Resident Coordinator UNDP Resident Representative and UN Humanitarian Coordinator Eugene Owusu on the occasion said that there can be no better investment in development than in girls' education since it enables girls to stay longer in education and delay the age of marriage and childbirth.
Research papers entitled “Role of Religious Institutions in Having Ethical Citizens,”, “A Case Study on Female University Students", “Drug Trafficking and Its Adverse Impacts” and “Efforts in Ending Human Trafficking” were presented at the day-long consultative meeting.