Forum deliberates on public private partnership in health sector

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Addis Ababa, 28 March 2014 (WIC) – The Ministry of Health (MoH) has stressed the need to strengthen cooperation between stakeholders working in the health sector to improve health service in the country.

The remark came here yesterday at the opening of a two-day forum, which brought together public and private entities working in the health sector in the country.

The forum, aimed at creating awareness on the contribution and value of the private health sector, was held under the theme, “Optimize, regulate, and cement partnership with the private sector for sustainable universal access.”

“The cooperation between stakeholders active in the health sector has to be strengthened and intensified by exploring and developing new forms of partnership arrangements in order to improve the availability and quality of health services in the country,” Dr Keseteberhan Admasu, through his representative told participants of the forum.

The government of Ethiopia is committed to support the private sector in order to increase access and quality of health services to the public by creating enabling environment, he said.

The ministry of health has developed a strategic framework for the public private partnership in the health sector, he said, adding a policy guide line for the Public Private Partnership (PPP) to enhance the implementation of PPP is underdevelopment and will be realize it soon.

According to him, the forum will help draw attention on how to best harness the full potential of the private health sector by optimizing its effectiveness, rationally regulating it for equitable, high quality and affordable universal access to health care through sustainable public-private partnership.

Private Health Sector Program Chief of Party, Dr Tesfaye Gebrekidan, on his part said the private health sector has supported the private health facilities in 5 regions and 2 city administrations.

The forum would help to enhance partnerships between the government and the private health sector, rational regulation and health financing to assure equitable universal health coverage, he said.