Report says decision-making vital to prevent child labor

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Addis Ababa, 27 March 2014 (WIC) - The Amharic version of situation analysis report entitled: “Investing in Boys and Girls: Past, Present and Future,” stressed decision making is the major tool to prevent the burden of child labour by raising the awareness level of all stakeholders especially the community.
At the launching of the report at the Hilton Addis yesterday, UNICEF representative to Ethiopia Dr. Peter Salama said that continuous investment in services for children is key to achieving sustainable level of economic development but it is also a requirement from child's rights perspective. As to Dr. Peter, tracking this investment is crucial because, if these provisions are neglected for children in areas such as health, nutrition and education, the damage will be irreversible.
Explaining the need for the report, MoFED UN Agencies and Regional Economic Cooperation Directorate Director Admasu Nebebe said: “The situation analysis will allow MoFED and other sectoral ministries to build their analytical capacities by providing national data and to make an informed decision.”
The report states opportunities and challenges that children face on the road towards the realization of their rights. It also examines children issues and makes recommendations for steps the government and other stakeholders need to take by highlighting the progress that has been made toward this endeavour but also emphasizing the room for improvement.
In order to stimulate more dialogue on action points included in the report, the analysis are being made available through different media outlets such as TV, radio and web.
Some of the significant actions drawn from the report include, the current submission of the social protection policy to the parliament. Consequently, state governments are initiating the piloting of some components of social protection such as the piloting of community care coalitions (CCCs) in Tigray, Oromia and SNNP.
Another critical gain from the report is the establishment of vital registration system that is already under way beginning 2013 following the endorsement of the birth registration proclamation in 2012.
Moreover, the production of the regional situation analysis of girls and boys is taking place in all states and city administrations with the aim of stimulating even more specific and relevant dialogue on the situation of girls and boys. These situation analysis will be the basis for assessing the current situation of children and knowing the relevant actions that needs to be taken for fulfilling the rights of children thereby building their capacity to create a socially and economically developed Ethiopia.(EH)