ERC to train 252 railway operators abroad

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Addis Ababa, 26 March 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Railway Corporation (ERC) announced that it has finalized preparations to send 252 communication, computer network, rail traffic engineers, train masters and other light railway transport operators to China for training this week.
At a farewell ceremony yesterday, Corporation Board Chairperson and Adviser to the Prime Minister with the Rank of Minister Dr. Arkebe Equbay said that like other transport sectors railway transportation needs a proper care. “Thus, trainees have moral obligation to grasp all the necessary knowledge concerning to railway transportation.”
According to him, the railway transportation has key role for future economic transformation and integration. In this regard, having skilled manpower is significant.
Dr. Arkebe also said that as pioneer in light railway transportation, trainees must be responsible, committed and morally obliged to their mission. Besides safeguarding the safety of passengers in the future, trainees are expected to be image builders outshining in their training, he added.
Corporation General Manager Dr. Engineer Getachew Betru said: “Since the life of passengers would be in the hands of the future train masters, technicians, engineers; you have to be committed learners.”
Corporation Operation and Service Division Deputy CEO Tilahun Serka said that the recruited trainees will have different duties in the light railway.
According to him, the trainees would engage in driving, controlling, maintaining the locomotive and other activities.
Depending on the area of their engagement the trainees will take practical and theoretical courses for four - 11 months at the Tianjin Railway Technical and Vocational College. (EH)