Council appreciates public contribution to realize the GRD

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Addis Ababa, 13 March 2014 (WIC) – National Council for the coordination of Public Participation on the Construction of Grand Renaissance   Dam appreciated the remarkable contribution of the Ethiopian people.

According to the council, the people are so keen that they have been backing not only in finance but also in diplomacy.

Deputy Director of the office Zadig Abrha in a press release stated that   the people have also contributed in conserving natural resources.

Ethiopians residing abroad and at home have pledged   11.5 billion EB for the GRD, Zagid said adding that 7.1 billion EB has collected so far.    

According to Zagid bout 27 billion EB is used so far for the ongoing construction of GRD.

About   26.3 per cent of the cost used for the construction of the dam is covered by the people, indicating high commitment and determination, he added.

The Deputy Director said that the GRD Bond Purchase also  raise saving  culture of the  nation  that  rising the total saving  rate  of the  nation from  5  to 17.7  per cent past  three years.

According to Zagid, there is an integrated work in conserving natural resources between the Federal and Regional governments.

About    28  million farmers have mobilized   for  the integrated  soil and  water  conservation  programs  and  able to  carried out  activities   on  19  million hectares   of  land,  he added.

Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, have also played signifivcant roles in fighting   negative attitudes in connection to the construction of GRD.

The 3rd anniversary of the founding of GRD will celebrate at home and in different parts of the world this month.