Nation importing raw materials for industries to alleviate shortage

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Addis Ababa, 6 March 2014 (WIC) - The Ministry of Industry said that Ethiopia is importing raw materials to alleviate shortage of raw material for industries.
Minister Ahmed Abtew told a press conference Tuesday that industries in the country are affected by shortage of raw material due to the increase in number and capacity of industries, he said.
Textile and leather industries are the main areas affected by shortage of raw materials.
According to Ahmed, power interruption is also affecting the development of industries. The nation is striving to solve problems related with power interruption, he added.
Though production of industrial outputs is increasing, the development does not correspond with the target set in the Growth and Transformation Plan., he added. The performance of industries and the revenue secured from the sale of industrial products does not meet the plan.
During the first half of the budget year, the country has exported only 40 per cent of the total output from the textile and leather industries because of increased local demand, the Minister said.
Ahmed also indicated that 15 new companies will start operation soon.(EH)