GTP goals most likely to be met: Ministry

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Addis Ababa, 6 March 2014 (WIC) - The Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) is most likely to be met within its time period said, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, and Economy and Finance Cluster Coordinator with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Debretsion Gebre-Michael.
Efforts are under way to overcome the frequent power disruptions occurring in the different parts of the country.
In exclusive interview with Ethiopian Press Agency, the Minister said that viable achievements have been witnessed in three years implementation of GTP. Some sectors have even performing beyond what is expected, he added.
He further stated that despite impediments faced in the export industry sectors, goals set in the agriculture and services are among the favorite due to be met.
Recalling that the former electric power corporation has been restructured and split into two independent entities, newly introduced reforms are under way so as to tackle power disruption and customer complaints with regard to service provision.
Indicating that taking measures against employees solely cannot be a mere remedial solution to deliver improved power supply and services, Dr. Debretsion underlined that organizational transformation is meant to ensure better service delivery.
Hence, technical failures and disruption would be registered at their respective call centre and there will be no favour for service provision, added the Minister.