Office urges public to denounce copyright infringement

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Addis Ababa, 5 March 2014 (WIC) - The Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office together with the Ministry of Justice, Federal and Addis Ababa Police Commissions, Ethiopian Musicians Association and other concerned organs has urged the public to say “No!” to copyright infringement and digital piracy.
Office Director Berhanu Adello told journalists yesterday that besides legal measures against digital pirates, the public also has moral and legal responsibility to refuse buying illegally copied products.
According to Berhanu, the advancement of technology has posed treat to the music industry. “The availability of USB flash disks at the hands of individuals having no knowledge on the impact of illegally copied products has created a serious problem to the growth of the industry in the country.”
So far, through the coordinated efforts of EIPO and other concerned bodies 423 computers with music that are to be produced illegally and four copying machines have been seized in Adama Town, he said.
“Besides being alternative source of national economy music is the identity of a given society. If the lives of musicians are threatened by illegal producers, we will also endanger the music itself,” Berhanu said.
Justice State Minister Berhanu Tsegaye also said the issue of digital piracy is beyond violation of right.
According to Berhanu, illegally copying music is a crime committed against the national economy since the practice denies the country get revenue, he added. (EH)