Workshop discusses university-industry linkage

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Addis Ababa, 4 March 2014 (WIC) - A day-long workshop aimed at creating awareness on the linkage of education and training research institutions with the industry was here held yesterday.
According to the Ethiopian Herald, the workshop was organized jointly by Ministries of Science and Technology and Water, Irrigation and Energy.
“As centre of education, training and research, universities are expected to generate scientific techniques and knowledge that are required by and applicable to manufacturing and service enterprises apart from producing quality and skilled manpower,” said Science and Technology Ministry Technology Transfer and Development Directorate Director Eng. Teshome Sahle-Mariam.
As the players were lenient and there was not such a strong linkage among them, it is now believed that making the link among the players, i.e. educational institutes and the industry, will enhance the technology transfer among the entities, Eng. Teshome added.
He, therefore, said that the forum will help the players to have a similar outlook towards the issue of linkage and thereby speeding up national growth. Welcomed by the industries, universities can contribute a lot to the development of science and technology, he said.
“Linking universities with the industry is essential for it helps the latter benefit from research outcomes of educational institutions,” said Water, Irrigation and Energy State Minister Wendimu Tekle.
Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Deputy Scientific Director Dr. Eng. Getahun Mekuria also said: “The involvement of Addis Ababa University as a consultant on the construction of the GRD is in consideration to motivate other universities to acquire experience and engage in similar developmental engagements in the second Growth and Transformation Plan period.”
According to Dr. Eng. Getahun, universities will help the industry grow via conducting applied research and offering consultancy services while the industries will give on the job training opportunities to students thereby strengthening their theories with practice.
Adama Science and Technology University Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Dr. Lemi Guta said: “The involvement of Adama University in collaboration with the Makalle University in the execution of Adama I Wind Farm Project generating 153 MW and the consultancy service it offered to Derba Cement Factory with over four million birr budget is shows the contribution of universities to the growth of industry."
Dr. Lemi also underscored the need for changing the attitude of the industries so that they will take universities as partners in the area that needs to be dealt with. Besides, he said that limitation with regard to skilled manpower and infrastructure in the universities are challenges that need to be tackled.