Dr Tedros holds talks with German Foreign Ministry official

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Addis Ababa, 25 February 2014 (WIC) - Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, met with the Head of Division for East Africa, Horn of Africa, Madagascar, IGAD, and the EAC at the German Foreign Ministry, Marian Schuegraf on February 21.
The discussions covered a wide range of interest ranging from regional to international issues. Schuegraf pointed out that the purpose of her visit is to take the relationship between Germany and Ethiopia to a higher level.
She said relations should not be restricted to peace and security issues but should evolve according to levels of development, adding that the relationship could now focus on other areas including development.
She said Germany appreciated the role Ethiopia was playing in stabilizing the Horn of Africa.
Dr Tedros welcomed Germany’s willingness to see the other side of Africa with its willingness to change the narrative and focus on areas other than security. 
In the Ethiopian context, he said, development and peace and security were interlinked, pointing out that development helped to bring peace and security.
Dr Tedros said that the countries in the Horn of Africa region shared a number of similarities underling the reasons for cooperation and growth through joint projects which aimed to boost trade and investment and which in turn could lead to a political integration that would give the region a strong political voice.
Dr Tedros emphasized that Ethiopia would welcome German industries’ investment in Ethiopia in priority areas, adding that the government had a tailored approach for each investor.