Ethiopia's efforts to mitigate climate change encouraging

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Addis Ababa, 13 February 2014 (WIC) - Ethiopia's efforts being exerted to adopt and mitigate effects of climate change is encouraging, Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Jan Sadek said.
In an exclusive interview with ENA on Wednesday, the Ambassador said the climate resilient green economy strategy that the country is implementing is bringing change.
Soil and water conservation activities and covering of bare lands with plants are helping to rehabilitate degraded lands and recover basins. He expressed his country's willingness to continue to support such projects which contribute to adaptation and mitigation of climate change.
The Swedish government will also continue to support other development endeavors being undertaken in the country in various areas. The age-long economic cooperation between Ethiopia and Sweden is based on mutual benefit, the Ambassador said.
Some 105 Swedish companies are engaged in Ethiopia in various areas, he said, adding, a number of other companies are interested to invest in Ethiopia in agriculture, manufacturing, textiles and electronics areas.
The annual trade flow between the two countries has reached more than three billion birr. The recently inaugurated direct flight to Sweden by the Ethiopia Airlines is expected to boost this relation.