Some 2.7 mln hectares of land to be developed through irrigation

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Addis Ababa, 8 February 2014 (WIC) – The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) said some 2.7 million hectares of land will be developed through irrigation this year.

In order to attain the target at least 70 per cent of farmers will be made to have a water bank, Ministry Public Relations Head, Tarekegn Tsige, told WIC recently.

Moreover, public mobilization that enables to build development army and expand small irrigation schemes will be carried out extensively, Tarekegn said.

Natural resource development and conservation works will be also be carried out across the country, he said.

According to Tarekegn, the ministry has already attained the natural resource development and conservation plan set in the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP).

Efforts would be made to increase the size of land to be covered with soil and water conservations activities annually to 7.78 million hectares next year from 3.77 million hectares this year, he said.

Natural resource development and conservation works were carried out on 13.7 million hectares of land in the first three years of the GTP period, Tarekegn noted.

Some 5.1 billion multipurpose seedlings will be prepared and transplanted this year, he said.