Government to take measures on oil companies for squirreling fuel away

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Addis Ababa, 06 February 2014 (WIC) - The Scarcity of gasoline and diesel in the capital Addis and other several towns of regions in the country have been ominous since the last couple of days.

In some towns of the country and areas the problem is still unsolved; and it is highly affecting the transport flow.

The scarsity have mainly arose in the capital city Addis Ababa and some towns of the South Nation, Nationalities and People Regional State, namely Hawasa, Hosaina, Wolayita Sodo and Mizan Aman towns.

Trade State Minister Ali Siraj telling FBC that 45,000L fuel is being distributed in Hawasa town said it is not enough still.

However, the scarcity is still there in Hosaina, Wolyta Sodo and Mizan Aman.

The state minister stated that the scarcity of the gasoline and diesel occurred because gas distribution companies failed to carry out their responsibility properly and stopped to distribute fuel.

The wrong assumption of the companies as if the price of fuel will rise at the end of the month, and their desire to sell the already cheaply purchased with expensive price was the major reason for the blight, according to Ali.

In addition, related to 48 tanker trucks of Oilibya given to other companies; shortage of vehicles has the other reason for the fuel scarcity arose in the country.

Affirming that the Ethiopian Petroleum Enterprise has adequate reserve, the state minister said they are making efforts to find solution for the problem within short period of time.

According to FBC, the state minister, who said the problem shouldn’t have to happen, stated that the government would be forced to take the necessary measures on companies involved in the illegal act as it negatively affects transportation flow and economy of the country.