Premier Hailemariam: Government backs up the effort towards ensuring education quality

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Addis Ababa: 29 January 2014 (WIC)) - The FDRE Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, on the 2nd General Education Quality Program that was kicked off earlier today, said ensuring education quality is key to succeed the ongoing development activity.
He said education quality has key role in the effort of the country to line up with middle income economies in the coming 10 to 15 years; and he affirmed that the government will strongly continue to give support.
The 1st Round General Education Quality Program had been implemented from 2002- 2005 E.C., and various activities related to ensuring education quality were carried during the period.
The Education Minister Shiferaw Shigute for his part stated about 88 million textbooks had been distributed to schools, and able to up raise the ratio of one textbook to five children to one textbook for a student, during the period.
The ministers said trainings had been given for teachers, school principals and supervisors to build their capacity.
Currently, international financial organizations and donors have pledged to offer 490 million USD for the 2nd round of the program.
The aid was said will highly support activities that are given attention like, Information Technology , Science, Mathematics subjects, and the effort being exerted to enable students learn with their mother tongue as well .
According to FBC , in the afternoon, it was said the participants will review the remarkable improvements have been registered in the 1st Education Quality Program.