Ethio-Somalia relations getting momentum

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Addis Ababa, 21 December 2013 (WIC) –Ambassador of Ethiopia to Somalia, Wondimu Asamnew, said the all-round relations between Ethiopia and Somalia have been getting momentum.
In an exclusive interview with WIC this week, Ambassador Wondimu said that the relations between the two neighboring countries have been flourishing from time to time.
Both nations have now developed a new type government to government, people to people and all-round cooperation paying no attention to the scars left by the past regimes, he said.
The two countries are currently enjoying a consolidated relation in the areas of peace, security and economy on the basis of mutual trust and benefit, he added.
Since 1991, the two countries entered a new stage of going all out for mutual cooperation, which according to him contributed a lot for the two countries’ relations to grow on a solid foundation.
“The people and government of Somalia have solid trust and confidence over the people and government of Ethiopia to cooperate in the areas of peace, security, economy and politics,” he said. “We have also agreements at a ministerial level to ensure a health economic integration.”
While commenting on Ethiopia's role in bringing peace and stability in Somalia, he said the people and government of Somalia give much credit to the sacrifice paid by the Ethiopian forces to maintain peace and security in the country.
Businesses and other socio-economic and political activities are running smoothly and calmly after the entrance of the Ethiopian forces upon the request of the government and people of Somalia, he said.
He said al-Shabaab and other anti–peace elements operating in Somalia have been losing ground inside that country after the entrance of Ethiopian forces in Somalia.
“Al-Shabaab is weakened. The only thing that it can do now is to commit suicide attack,” he said.
According to him, the joint efforts by the Ethiopian and Somali forces as well as the sanction the United Nations Security Council put on the Eritrean regime played a key role for the Islamist terror group al Shabab to weaken.
Hence, the international community and other concerned bodies need to tighten and implement well the sanctions put on Eritrea so as to further strengthen the prevailing peace and stability in Somalia, he concluded.

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